Sesa Regrowth Hair Oil Online sell in Bangladesh


Formulated For Damaged Hair
Suitable For All Hair Types
Applied For Hair Thickening, Hair Growth, Anti-hair Fall, Anti-dandruff

৳ 550.00

Product Description

Sesa Regrowth Hair Oil  Treating Your Body, Skin And Hair With Chemicals Strips Them Of Many Nutrients And Leaves Them Lifeless And Dull, Forget About The Damage You Have Caused Your Body Yet And Move On To A Healthy Lifestyle.

Sesa Regrowth Hair Oil Best Hair Loss

The Sesa Hair Oil Is An Ayurvedic Hair Oil That Has Been Formulated To Fight All Hair Problems And Give You Long Lasting Results. This Organic Oil Is A Blend Of Various Herbs, Filled With Medicinal Properties That Support And Strengthen Hair Growth.

The Hair Oil Is Composed Of Indian Gooseberry Oil, Licorice, Brahmi, Datura Metel, Triphala, Centella Asiatica, Eclipta Alba And Jatamansi Among Various Other Herbs, This Perfect Mix Of Ayurveda And Knowledge Enables You To Receive The Goodness Of Nature In A Bottle.

The Strong Blend Of These Ingredients Prevents And Cures Alopecia (Hair Loss), Treats Scalp Infections And Prevents Hair From Uv Damage.

This Sesa Hair Oil Is Infused With Natural Ingredients Because No One Better Than Mother Earth Can Solve Your Hair Problems.

Massage Your Hair Regularly With This Oil And It Will Improve The Texture Of Your Hair, Improving The Melanin Content Of Hair As Well As Providing Nourishment To The Scalp So Your Strands Are Always Enriched.

This Ayurveda Rich Oil Contains Essential Nutrients And Ingredients Which Help Speed Up Hair Growth Because Of Increased Blood Circulation To The Scalp. Regular Use Of The Oil Will Reward You With Reduced Hair Fall, Greys And A Dry, Itchy Scalp.